Kansas License plates — 1995

Wheat plate Mark II

The 1995 tag kept the "wheat" from the 1980 and 1989 plates in a new blue and gold transition (the same featured on the Driver's License).  The Year decal was reduced in size to allow for a larger month sticker.  The county sticker from the 1990 decal was retained, with a different font and colors to match the design of the new plate.

A 1997 trailer tag. Like the 1989 series, heavy trucks and trailers were issued new plates with "94" stickers before receiving 1995 stickers the subsequent year.

Near the end of the run of the 1995 plates, the county code sticker and month decal feature different lettering (the same style as the 2002 plates).  This truck plate is an example.

Handicap accessible plate use the same base as "normal" plates.


The sequence for the 1995 issue plate ranges from GSA to PAZ, as well as SMA to STZ (the later sequence was used to provide some overflow as the 2002 plates were phased in)

Renewal Decals

As with the 1976, 1980, and 1989 series plates, registrations used decals for annual renewals. The format of the decals, unlike the 1989 and 2002 series, alternated between white text on a colored background and colored text on a white background.

Year Color
1996 96
1997 97
1998 98
1999 99
2000 00
2001 01