License plates — 1989

The Art Deco plates

In 1988, Kansas went to a three-letter/three-number licence plate numbering sequence

A 1989 tag in its original configuration.  Note that the "89" is screened onto the plate in the spot reserved for the registration decal is located.  New short-term registrations in 1988 recieved the new plate with a white-on-black 88 decal. Upon renawel, a "89" sticker (also white on black) was issued)

This Truck Plate shows the updated configuration used after the first year, with the enlarged county code and the month being moved to under the expiration.

Heavy trucks and trailers recieved the new tags first, with December 1988 expirations.  They were also the first to recieve the updated configuration, with the "89" sticker.  1989 was the last year that Non-Highway vehicles (in the case of this particular plate, a mobile home) were required to be plated.

About midway through the run of the 1989 place, the fonting of the "Kansas" was altered to make it a more readable.  This particular plate from Sedgwick County was not circulated, but somehow escaped the scrap heap. It is now in my collection.

An early-issue 1989 plate with a 1994 expiration. The 1989 plates were replaced by a new series of plates in 1994.


The first plate in the sequence, AAA 000, was assigned to Allen County, which is the first county, alphabetically, in the state. The sequence goes from AAA to GRZ, with plates after about DXA utilizing the modified lettering.

Renewal Decals:

With the exception of the white on black 88 and 89 issues, all decals used colored numbers on a white background.

Year Color
1988 88
1989 89
1990 90
1991 91
1992 92
1993 93
1994 94