Kansas Licence Plates - Special and Vanity

Personalized plates, and then some.

1981 Vanity

1981 Vanity Plate
The 1981 personalized tag was a plain gold colored plate with the county code and expiration month stamped. This example has all of the renwal decals visible.

1986 Vanity

1986 Vanity Plate
The 86 personalized tag introduced the county code sticker that would be used by the 1989 general issue plates.

1996 Vanity

(From the Collection of Duane Johnson)
The 1996 personalized tag was the first series of vanity plates to use the larger month of expiration sticker implemented the year prior. This example has four of the five renwal decals visible.

2001 Vanity

(From the Collection of Duane Johnson)
The 2001 personalized tag features wild sunflowers on the left hand side. Also, the county and month stickers changed from white on blue to black-on-white. This color scheme has been maintained on subsequent licence plates.

2006 Vanity

The 2006 personalized tag features a buffalo design, along with the 1973-era state outline.

2011 Vanity

The 2011 personalized tag features a sunset motif with a subtle image of the state seal in the center, flanked by a old fashioned windmill and a modern wind turbine. Only one plate was issued per vehicle; and each plate be unique. Previously, popular plate combinations could be repeated in each county. The most popular vanity plate name was, interestingly, "HUSKERS"

2016 Vanity

The 2016 personalized tag features a Sunflower motif... keeping with the fact that Kansas is known as the Sunflower State.

US Veteran

National Guard

(Courtesy Plateshack.com)
The National Guard plates were one the first "special" series to be issued. The older pressings have embossed space that fit the older 1976-1994 type decals.

Kansas State University

(Courtesy Plateshack.com)
The first University alumni association to issue special plates was Kansas State.

University of Kansas

The University of Kansas quickly followed

Renewal Decals

The same decal colors used on general issue plates are also used on special and vanity plates. However, because of the way 2002 plates were distributed, general issue plates for 2002 did not have a renewal decal. For vanity plates, special plates, and motorcycles, a green on white decal was used.