Kansas License plates — 2002

The Topeka Statehouse front and center
POI 366

A "full issue" 2001 plate with a 2005 Sticker.


A 2002 Motorcycle tag. Note that it uses the same size month and year decal, but the county code is smaller.

POI 708

A 2002 tag, still in active use on a pickup truck, with the new-style 2013 expiration sticke


The first sequence for the 2002 issue plate ranges from PBA to SLZ and from TAA to least to the XQ range. (SLZ to SZZ was reserved for overruns on the 1995 series) Many three letter combinations with negative connotations, such as "SEX" or "WAR," were deliberately skipped, along with "SAM," which was reserved for the sample plates. Although some states had skipped over "POO", this combination was not skipped, and neither was "POS" (Although I doubt there are any political motivations behind it, the entire "PO" range was assigned to Douglas County).

Renewal Decals

Automobile and light truck plates were issued new plates at renewal time only. For new "short-term" registrations, 1995 plates were issued. The 2002 registration decal was used on specialty plates and motorcycles.

The 2002 plates were intended to be withdrawn from circulation in 2010; however, this did not occur. 2002 plates remain in circulation alongside the "Ad Astra" plate, which was introduced in 2007

Year Color
2002* 02
2003 03
2004 04
2005 05
2006 06
2007 07
2008 08
2009 09
2010 10