Kansas License plates — 1975 (Trucks)/1976 (Autos)

The introduction of registration decals
The 1975 Truck and 1976 trailer tags were the first to use registration decals. They were also the last to use a state outline around the plate until the 2006 Vanity plate.
The Early version of the 1976 car tag

During the production of the 1976 tags, there were some design changes made, notably in the font used on the plates.

Only automobiles were issued the blue plate. Trucks, Motorcycles, and trailers began using renewal decals with the green 1975 plates.

Renewal Decals:  The Truck/Trailer decal colours lagged a year behind the automobile decal colours.  That is, the 1976 truck decal is the same as the 1977 car decal, and so on.  If you're still confused, refer to the color chart below.

Year Car Truck
1976 N/P 76
1977 77 77
1978 78 78
1979 79 79
1980 80 N/P