Kansas License plates — 2007

The "Ad Astra" seal
In June of 2007, the Kansas Department of Revenue introuduced a new Plate design
123 SAM (07)

(From the Kansas Department of Revenue Press Release)
The Sample Plate for the new design.

123 SAM (07)

A 2007 truck plate with the new 2013 renewal decal.


The "Ad Astra" series starts with 000 AAA and proceeds numberically, with the next plate in sequence being 001 AAA, etc. 999 AAA, 000 AAB...

Renewal Decals

Unlike previous new plate issues, the "ad astra" plate was phased in. Each county used its remaining inventory of 2002 plates until their inventory is depleted, after which, the 2007 plates were issued for new registrations. It was originally intended to take the 2002 plates out of circulation in 2010. At some point, this decision was reversed – 2002 plates remain valid for registration renewals and transfers.

In May of 2012, the DMV upgraded their computer system. As part of the upgrade, the design of the renewal decals changed. The decal is attached to the registration receipt, and the expiration month and assigned license plate number are printed on the decal.

In August of 2018, the DMV system made a second upgrade. Instead of creating embossed plates that are sent to the county treasurers in batches, screen-printed "flat" plates are being printed at a central location and mailed to the owner. An "interim" tag with the assigned tag number is issued at the county treasurer when the vehicle is registered. It appears that the original embossed plates end around "LHZ." As the new "flat" plates continue to use the 2007 base, as well as the sequence, they will not be considered a new plate design.

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