Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 150 (Johnson County)

Established January 5, 1955
Withdrawn March 31, 1996
West Endpoint:
Junction K-7 in Olathe

East Endpoint:
Counties Passed through: Johnson


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At the 135th Street exit ramp on US 69, there is a destination sign for Grandview and Olathe.... a remnant of when 135th Street was a state highway. 10 August 2013

For some reason, this guide sign, indicating directions to US 69 and I-35, is located on 135th Street just west of Nall. This distance sign, in a unusual move, explicitly states the unit of measurment. Based on the style and the orange sticker on the back, the sign dates back to when 135th was K-150. 19 April 2014