Kansas Highways Routelog

Interstate 435

Length: 28.026 miles
South Endpoint:
North Endpoint:
Missouri State Line on the Missouri River north of Kansas City

Counties Passed through: Johnson, Wyandotte
Junction Guide


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The new advance exit signs for I-435 in northern Wyandotte county feature route shields for Missouri Highway 45 instead of a generic "Route 45" as on previous signs. 8 November 2014

Here is the south approach to the newly-redone I-435 and Roe DDI. 8 November 2014

The traffic signals at the south crossover on I-435 and Roe. Note that the ground-mounted signals, which face due south, utilize a diagonal arrow. The overhead signals, which face traffic already at the crossover, use a straight-ahead arrow. 8 November 2014

Here's a closeup of the overhead signals at the south crossover at the I-435 and Roe DDI. 8 November 2014

Along I-435 in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties, all of the signs are being refurbished. The new guide sign for the K-32 exit is behind the old sign, which has yet to be removed. Even under daylight conditions, the new sign, in my opinion, does look noticeably "crisp." 4 October 2014

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