Kansas Highways Routelog

Interstate 70

Length: 423.753 miles
West Endpoint:
Colorado State Line near Kanorado

East Endpoint:
Missouri State Line on the Lewis and Clark Viaduct in Kansas City

Counties Passed through: Sherman, Thomas, Logan, Gove, Trego, Ellis, Russell, Lincoln, Ellsworth, Saline, Dickinson, Geary, Riley, Wabaunsee, Shawnee, Douglas, Leavenworth, Wyandotte
Junction Guide


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This new guide sign for the ramp from K-7 to I-70 features the Turnpike, US 24, and US 40.

The first of the new signs on I-70 entering Kansas which feature I-70, US 24, US 40, and US 169, plus reflect the removal of Minnesota Avenue from the state highway system. 11 June 2009

Here is the new signs for the Minnesota Avenue exit. The alternating flashing amber arrows were retained in the new sign for I-70 and US 169. US 40 was added, and US 24 was moved from Minnesota Ave. 11 June 2009

A somewhat rudimentary roundabout has been installed on I-70 at the East Lawrence exit. Eventually, the entire interchange will be closed for a total overhaul, including a permanent roundabout. 11 June 2009

This brown sign for the Brown v. Board National Historic Site is located on I-470 south of the East Topeka interchange, and advised drivers to double back west on I-70. The sign uses the "Clearview" typeface and has the logo of the National Park Service on the left side of the sign. 22 June 2009

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