Kansas Highways Routelog

US Highway 56

Length: 471.45 miles
West Endpoint:
East Endpoint:
Missouri State Line in Mission Hills

Counties Passed through: Morton, Stevens, Haskell, Gray, Ford, Edwards, Pawnee, Barton, Rice, McPherson, Marion, Dickinson, Morris, Lyon, Osage, Douglas, Johnson
Average Annual Daily Traffic
Junction Guide


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Here's a shot looking west of the new US 59 overpass over US 56 at Baldwin Junction.

Here's a shot of the new US 59 bridges over US 56 at Baldwin Junction

The guide marker on I-435 approaching the I-35 interchange still mentions K-10, US 50, and US 56, but US 169 has now been removed from the assembly. 26 May 2012

At the approach to the loop ramp from Southbound Metcalf to Eastbound Shawnee Mission Parkway, a new post and guide marker have been installed for US 169. 14 July 2012

On westbound 87th Street on approach to I-35 and US 69, this guide sign advises drivers looking for US 56 or Northbound US 69 to follow I-35... reference markers for US 56 will not be signed at the interchange. 14 July 2012

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