Kansas Highways Routelog

Interstate 470

Length: 13.72 miles
West Endpoint:
I-70 exit 355, west of Topeka

East Endpoint:
I-70/Kansas Turnpike exit 182/183 (East Topeka Interchange)

Counties Passed through: Shawnee


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The signs for I-470 at the South Topeka Interchange feature the stretched out 2 digit shield as well as the Clearview typeface. 10 November 2007

The north end of I-335 at the I-470 interchange in Topeka. 10 November 2007

This brown sign for the Brown v. Board National Historic Site is located on I-470 south of the East Topeka interchange, and advised drivers to double back west on I-70. The sign uses the "Clearview" typeface and has the logo of the National Park Service on the left side of the sign. 22 June 2009

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