Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 32

West Endpoint:
Junction 24-40 east of Lawrence

East Endpoint:
Junction US 69 in Kansas City

Counties Passed through: Douglas, Leavenworth, Wyandotte


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On I-635 south of the K-32 interchange, the next three exits are K-32, I-70, and State Avenue. This sign was subsequently replaced as part of the removal of US 24 from State Avenue. 10 March 2009

The west end of the K-32 Truck Route at Front Street and Cedar Street in Bonner Springs. Mainline 32 follows Cedar Street. 31 July 2012

Should you attempt to turn right to head toward Olathe, you'll wind up stuck on the tracks... or in the Kansas River. The ramp from K-32 to southbound K-7 is to the left. 31 July 2012

The west end of the K-32 truck route in Bonner Springs. Even though the truck route is not part of the state system, as part of a project to rebuild the mainline in this area, KDOT gave the truck route "proper" end signage. 31 July 2012