Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 10

Original Kansas Highway
Length: 36.611 miles
West Endpoint:
Junction US 50N at Hrrington (1927-1956)
Junction US 40, 6th and Iowa Street, Lawrence (1956-1996)
I-70/Kansas Turnpike Exit 197 northwest of Lawrence (1996-)

East Endpoint:
Missouri State Line, Kansas City (1926-1984)
I-435 exit 1B (de facto)/I-35 exit 222 (de jure) in Lenexa (1984-)

Counties Passed through: Dickinson, Morris, Wabaunsee, Shawnee, Jefferson, Douglas, Johnson, Wyandotte
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The markings on the median of K-10 under Winchester road indicate that is a favorite spot for law enforcement to run radar. 14 May 2011

After completion of the bridge replacement/widening project on the Kansas Turnpike in Lawrence, the guide sign showing distances was replaced. The new sign shows the distance to the K-10 interchange, rather than Lecompton proper, and still shows the distance to Denver. 15 December 2011

The guide marker on I-435 approaching the I-35 interchange still mentions K-10, US 50, and US 56, but US 169 has now been removed from the assembly. 26 May 2012

This replacment highway sign on K-10 at County Road 1057 features a county road marker with a white background.... and no border. 6 November 2012

Here's the first shot of the new cable median barriers on K-10. They start just west of the interchange with Church Street/CR 1061, just south of Eudora. 6 November 2012

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