History of KFEQ

680 kHz, St. Joseph, Missouri

KFEQ was listed in early Radio Service Bulletin lists at Oak, Nebraska. By 1927, it had moved to St. Joseph. Even after the move it was owned by the Scroggin & Co. bank. The publishers of the St. Joseph News-Press, the Bradley family, joined with Barton Pitts to buy the station May 15, 1936.

Pitts acquired majority control in 1942 (approved by the FCC May 19, 1942). Pitts brought television to St. Joseph, starting CBS affiliate KFEQ-TV (now KQTV, an ABC affiliate) September 27, 1953.

In the 1950s and 60s, the stations changed hands frequently. KFEQ radio and television were sold to Kemper Brown and Bing Crosby December 31, 1955 and subsequently to the Jesse D. Fine family September 19, 1957. They were sold again, this time to Panax Corp., on August 30, 1963. KFEQ radio was separated from KFEQ-TV (now KQTV) by its sale to KAYS, Inc. March 1969, predecessor of present owner, Eagle Radio (formerly the Beach-Schmidt Group), a chain based in Hays, Kansas.

Present facilities: 5 KW, DA-2. The station moved to its present 680 kHz frequency on November 27, 1929 as a daytimer. It obtained limited nighttime operation (to protect KPO San Francisco, now KNBR) on March 20, 1939, with full nighttime operation on February 3, 1943.