A shiny metal suit…

For years, Microsoft has been compared to the Borg from Star Trek. However, with all the bruhaha regarding how they are coercing Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10, I feel that a comparison to the Cybermen from Doctor Who was more apt.

I upgraded my two computers early, but left the other PCs in my household alone. I don’t think that Windows 10 in and of itself is a bad Operating System. However, I do know many who are hesitant to upgrade.

Also, speaking of cybermen, my cousin Sam dressed up as one for Halloween.


His older brother, Carl, was the 11th Doctor (complete with Fez and bowtie)

Not the usual station

On a normal day, Amtrak’s Southwest Chief stops at the station in Lawrence.


However, it is not this station.

The November 13th edition of the Chief was detoured over the Union Pacific line between Hutchinson and Kansas City due to a derailment. Although the UP line goes through Topeka and Lawrence, the station stops at these locations were cancelled.

Amtrak Heritage Sweep

In 2011, Amtrak painted a group of locomotives in special 40th Anniversary paint schemes resembling the different paint schemes on its locomotives. As a Depot Redux volunteer, I usually greet the Amtrak train on Saturday mornings. I’ve kept a lookout for the heritage units as well.

Within a year’s time, I had seen every one of the Amtrak units, and had also photographed all but one, most of them leading the train. Two weeks ago, I got the last of the Heritage Units, which has been based out of Kansas City on the River Runner. Today, I re-shot the only unit I had not photographed *leading* an Amtrak train. With that in mind, here are my photos of all of Amtrak’s heritage units

Phase I: Amtrak 156, 12 July 2014, Lawrence, leading the Southwest Chief
(I have also caught 156 leading 2 Amtrak specials, as well as twice trailing on the Chief)

Phase II: Amtrak 66, 4 October 2014, KC Union Station, leading the Missouri River Runner
(I previously saw 66 trailing on a Chief, but it was on a nightime train, and I did not have my camera)

Phase III (1st): Amtrak 145, 7 September 2013, Camden, Missouri, leading the Chief
(I did catch this train at Lawrence; however, it got there before sunrise)

Phase III (2nd): Amtrak 822, 15 March 2014, Lawrence, leading the Chief (156 is also in the consist)

Both Phase III units together: 145 + 822, 11 July 2014, Lawrence, on an Amtrak special.

Phase III (3rd): Amtrak 406, 12 April 2014, Topeka, with the Amtrak Exhibit Train (along with the Veteran’s Unit, see below)

Phase IV: Amtrak 184, 19 October 2014, Lawrence, leading the Chief

Veteran’s Unit: Amtrak 42, 11 November 2013, Lawrence, leading the Chief