October, 1995, Part 1

Okay, this is more of a continuing this blog where I left off, as the photos from October of 95 have been posted to flickr for quite some time, and I’m actually up to April of 96 in so far as scanning.

October 6, 1995: Football gave vs. Shawnee Mission North @ Haskell Stadium

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[Ironically, I went to one game that Lawrence High played at SM North, but I’ve been to North many times as a member of the Turkey Creek Division, NMRA, which had meetings and even a couple of train shows at North.

October 7-9, 1995 – Trains and the construction of a Highway and a Homecoming float.
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October 14-15, 1995 – Trains and Homecoming float, 2nd Weekend.
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October 17, 1995 – LHS Volleyball Quad
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New ride

Last Saturday, I bought this car, a 2013 Nissan Sentra from Academy Cars in Lawrence. This was also where I previously purchased the minivan I drove for 5 years. (It is also the only car dealership I’ve bought from: my other cars were purchased directly from the previous owner)

This vehicle has a few firsts for me:

  • First car not from the Big 3 (the cars I owned/been the main driver have been either GM cars or Chrysler minivans – I have also driven Ford vehicles occasionally)
  • “youngest” car I have driven (3 years/9200 miles vs. 5 years/50000)
  • First car with side airbags and stability control (safety features unheard of in 2001)
  • First car that gets over 30 MPG on the highway (averaging 35-40 on my work commute. 

Not a first:  this marks the third red vehicle in a row for me. 

More on my foot

Five days post-surgery, and most of the pain has subsided. Although the doctor had prescribed Oxycontin and Hydrocodone, I’ve made minimal use of them. I only took 2, maybe 3, Oxy out of the 20 pills dispensed to me, and, even though I received two scripts for the Hydrocodone (one at the Urgent Care, the other from the foot Surgeon) I don’t have any plans to fill the second script. Otherwise, ibuprofen and caffeine are my drugs of choice.

Foot Status

My foot hurts, even after taking my prescribed pain medication. 

Surgery was successful, albeit much more extensive than anticipated. My left foot’s big toe was shattered. 

I also saw the out-of-pocket estimate. Oh boy. If I read my policy correctly, I’ve pretty much reached the out-of-pocket max for 2016 – and I still have 11 months to go. 

Making a move

This week, I have been doing a little digital shuffling.

Recently, a friend of the family (namely, the brother of our next door neighbor) solicited his services for our family business’s website (Kennedy Glass) which I had previously placed on the account for this personal website.

Until recently, I did not realize that this friend was in the web hosting business. After reviewing his services (and getting a invoice for renewing services at my previous host) I elected to move this website over to his company, rockhost.com

Right now, the Kennedy Glass website remains with the old host. I am planning on moving it to rockhost on a separate account from route56.com.