September 1995, part 1

OK, in scanning my negatives, Started in June, went through to August, then switched and started from the Top in January.  I guess that means I resume in September, right?

August 23, 1995 – Fall Sports Jamboree @ Haskell Stadium


August 29, 1995 – LHS Soccer home opener

September 1, 1995 – LHS Football home opener

September 2, 1995 – Topeka Railroad Days

More to come…

Website updates: 11/12/12

[EDIT 1/1/16 – my photos have been moved to flickr]

I’ve added some photos from a little train-watching trip near Quenemo.


I also have some photos from Election Day of the new Cable Median Barrier on K-10:

And some new signs on I-435 approaching the Triangle with a blank spot for and I-49 shield.

On the Creative writing front, I’ve finished my second NCIS-themed Story: “Tooth and Nail.” For my Fan Fiction page, I’ve split it into two parts.

Part 1, Part 2

Work in Progress

I’ve been working on a couple of things website-related lately.

First off, I’ve realized I’ve long neglected the License Plate section of Kansas Highways. I’ve updated the pages to reflect the current website layout.

The layout itself has been tweaked a little. For low-resolution screens (read, smartphones) the sidebar normally on the right-hand side of the screen is instead at the bottom of the page.

I’ve also been working on a more creative side. Over the past several years I’ve written a series of Star Trek themed fan-fiction stories. The creative juices for those stories have waned; however, I’ve been, in the past few weeks, found my mojo in the form of fan-fiction stories based on the current TV series NCIS. I’ve finished one story, and am well underway on a second. They can be found on My user page at At some point, I will also publish them here on my site.

Road Video: Kansas Turnpike through the Flint Hills

This is part of a series of YouTube videos that I have taken. This was taken in June along I-35 between El Dorado and Emporia.

Video is just over 10 minutes. The soundtrack consists of two songs: “Starrider” by Foreigner, and the Orchestrial Suite from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Inner Light”

Running Behind….

The bad news… I haven’t made a new post to this blog in a while.

The good news… I’ve at least found something to do (and get paid for it). It’s a contract job involving a computer and printer deployment for various offices in Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri.

Those trips have also netted me some road trip opportunities.