A shiny metal suit…

For years, Microsoft has been compared to the Borg from Star Trek. However, with all the bruhaha regarding how they are coercing Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10, I feel that a comparison to the Cybermen from Doctor Who was more apt.

I upgraded my two computers early, but left the other PCs in my household alone. I don’t think that Windows 10 in and of itself is a bad Operating System. However, I do know many who are hesitant to upgrade.

Also, speaking of cybermen, my cousin Sam dressed up as one for Halloween.


His older brother, Carl, was the 11th Doctor (complete with Fez and bowtie)

Time Fall

For those of you that haven’t noticed this little quirk about me, I dabble in writing the occasional fan-fiction story.

Recently, I put the finishing touches of a new Star Trek themed story: “Time Fall.” The plot of the story is this: A crew member unexpectedly disappears from the starship she was serving on, worrying her family and causing them to investigate what happened. As it turns out, she unexpectedly winds up in the past. (hence the title of the story) Meanwhile, the final frontier still has its share of bad guys, and they try to rear their ugly heads as well.

I’ve posted my story here on route56.com.

Since I’m talking Star Trek here, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also acknowledge the passing of Leonard Nimoy. I found his final public words (via Twitter) to be somewhat poignant:

“A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.”

How I voted — 2014 General Election

People who know me fairly well know I lean conservative on many issues.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I pretty much voted a straight GOP ticket…. with one exception.

I did not vote for Kobach in 2010. I felt back when he first ran that he was “damaged goods.” Needless to say, I still think he’s damaged goods.

In 2010, I voted in favor of then-incumbent Democrat Steve Six for the Attorney General race. I had no qualms with his job performance (especially after his two predecessors got into hot water). However, Republican Dereck Schmidt won that race. I have no qualms with Schmidt’s performance either. Thus, despite voting against him last time, I voted for him this time around.

Also on the ballot were some judicial retention issues. After a controversial Kansas Supreme Court decision on a Capital Murder case, a non-retention drive for the Supreme Court judges was started. I voted “No” on the Supreme Court drive and voted “Yes” on the other judges.

Finally, there was a ballot question asking to amend the state constitution to allow charity raffles. I Voted “Yes.”

Music to replace a light fixture to….

This morning, I replaced the socket in one of the light fixtures at the Lawrence Depot. I hooked up my iPod and set it to shuffle. Here’s what the MP3 player returned.

Song Artist Album Album Yr. Track # Timestamp
Two People Fell In Love Brad Paisley Part II 2001 5 10:14 AM
The Bitch Is Back Elton John Caribou 1974 1 10:18 AM
Candle In The Wind Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1974 2 10:22 AM
In The Garden Brad Paisley Who Needs Pictures 1999 13 10:26 AM
Hells Bells AC/DC Back in Black 1980 1 10:32 AM
The Entertainer Billy Joel Streetlife Serenade 1974 6 10:49 AM
And So It Goes Billy Joel Storm Front 1989 10 10:53 AM
Blue on Black Kenny Wayne Shepherd Trouble Is… 1997 3 11:14 AM
(Ghost) Riders In the Sky Johnny Cash Silver 1979 5 11:17 AM
I Wish That Wasn’t All Joe Nichols Revelation 2004 4 11:20 AM
City Of Love Martina McBride Martina 2003 3 11:23 AM
So Much Like My Dad George Strait Strait Out Of The Box (Disc 3) 1995 17 11:27 AM
The Bordello Lily Tomlin This is a Recording 1971 7 11:30 AM
Carolina In The Pines Michael Murphey Blue Sky – Night Thunder 1975 2 11:34 AM
Satin Doll James Darren This One’s From The Heart 1999 17 11:37 AM
Dusty Skies Ray Benson/Riders in the Sky A Tribute to the Music of Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys
[Dance Version Remix]
1994 18 11:40 AM
Who Needs Pictures Brad Paisley Who Needs Pictures 1999 3 11:44 AM
Adult Education Hall & Oates Rock ‘N’ Soul Pt. 1: Greatest Hits 1983 8 12:17 PM
The Stranger Billy Joel The Stranger 1977 2 12:22 PM
On the Verge Collin Raye I Think About You 1995 3 12:26 PM
Love Revival Reba McEntire Room to Breathe 2003 6 12:30 PM
Dirty White Boy Foreigner Head Games 1979 1 12:33 PM
Prisoner Of The Highway (feat. Ronnie Milsap) Mark Wills And the Crowd Goes Wild 2003 4 12:38 PM
Boat Drinks Jimmy Buffett Volcano 1979 8 12:40 PM
He Didn’t Have To Be Brad Paisley Who Needs Pictures 1999 5 12:45 PM
The Old Rugged Cross Brad Paisley Part II 2001 13 12:49 PM
Blue Clear Sky George Strait Blue Clear Sky 1996 1 01:09 PM
I Feel The Earth Move Carole King Tapestry 1971 1 01:12 PM
Jesus Is Just Alright The Doobie Brothers Toulouse Street 1972 7 01:17 PM
Keepin’ Up Alabama For the Record 1998 1 01:20 PM
A Broken Wing Martina McBride Evolution 1997 4 01:23 PM
Train In The Distance Paul Simon Hearts and Bones 1983 7 01:28 PM
Lonely Ol’ Night John Mellencamp Scarecrow 1985 5 01:32 PM
Amazing Grace Glen Campbell Glen Campbell 20 Greatest Hits 1970 5 01:35 PM
Everywhere Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night 1987 3 01:39 PM
Rich Girl Hall & Oates Bigger Than the Both of Us 1976 8 01:42 PM

Changes… and Televison

For some reason, I feel the need to comment on a recent announcement involving a television program that I (and about 18 million plus) watch regularly.

In case you haven’t heard, CBS has announced that Cote de Pablo will be leaving the cast of NCIS. Although some have suggested that she is leaving on less-then-good-terms, the mainstream entertainment sites have not indicated as such, and have indicated that her character, Ziva David, will receive a proper departure.

I’ve seen a few fans of the show upset about the announcement. I am not one of them. However, I can somewhat understand the reason they are upset. One thing I’ve seen over the years is that some people are resistant to change, whether it’s a new computer program, being bought out to make room for a new highway, getting laid off, or something as simple as someone else sitting in your “usual spot.”

In the case of NCIS, I think the change, if executed properly, be a good thing. There will, no doubt, be a new character to fill the role that Cote is vacating. With this new character, there will be a changed dynamic. I am optimistic that the new character will bring a totally new dynamic with the existing cast, and that the cast will bring out the best in the new actress.

As for handling Cote’s departure, I hope they do not kill her character off. It’s not necessarily because I think the door should be open for her return, It’s just that they have used this technique twice to deal with a actress departure.

Work in Progress

I’ve been working on a couple of things website-related lately.

First off, I’ve realized I’ve long neglected the License Plate section of Kansas Highways. I’ve updated the pages to reflect the current website layout.

The layout itself has been tweaked a little. For low-resolution screens (read, smartphones) the sidebar normally on the right-hand side of the screen is instead at the bottom of the page.

I’ve also been working on a more creative side. Over the past several years I’ve written a series of Star Trek themed fan-fiction stories. The creative juices for those stories have waned; however, I’ve been, in the past few weeks, found my mojo in the form of fan-fiction stories based on the current TV series NCIS. I’ve finished one story, and am well underway on a second. They can be found on My user page at fanfiction.net. At some point, I will also publish them here on my site.