Not the usual station

On a normal day, Amtrak’s Southwest Chief stops at the station in Lawrence.


However, it is not this station.

The November 13th edition of the Chief was detoured over the Union Pacific line between Hutchinson and Kansas City due to a derailment. Although the UP line goes through Topeka and Lawrence, the station stops at these locations were cancelled.

How I voted — 2014 General Election

People who know me fairly well know I lean conservative on many issues.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I pretty much voted a straight GOP ticket…. with one exception.

I did not vote for Kobach in 2010. I felt back when he first ran that he was “damaged goods.” Needless to say, I still think he’s damaged goods.

In 2010, I voted in favor of then-incumbent Democrat Steve Six for the Attorney General race. I had no qualms with his job performance (especially after his two predecessors got into hot water). However, Republican Dereck Schmidt won that race. I have no qualms with Schmidt’s performance either. Thus, despite voting against him last time, I voted for him this time around.

Also on the ballot were some judicial retention issues. After a controversial Kansas Supreme Court decision on a Capital Murder case, a non-retention drive for the Supreme Court judges was started. I voted “No” on the Supreme Court drive and voted “Yes” on the other judges.

Finally, there was a ballot question asking to amend the state constitution to allow charity raffles. I Voted “Yes.”