8 Trains in one hour

Saturday morning, I woke up early to open the Lawrence Depot and Greet the eastbound Southwest Chief, as I have occasionally done as a volunteer. It was the first time since the new signs were installed and turned on that I had done so. After the train left and the lights were turned off, I headed to Pomona, on the BNSF line in Franklin County. At that location, I saw a whopping 10 trains in all, including 8 trains during the 8 O’clock hour.

I did not get a good pic of two of the trains, but I was able to snag shots of the other 8, plus Saturday’s Chief at Lawrence.

42425 42427 42432 42436 42441 42444 42445 42446 42450 42453 42458 42464 42466 42469 42472 42473 42476

I’m still here

The past two and a half weeks have been spent travelling between the Kennedy Compound and Topeka on a Temporary assignment. I was part of a team performing a wireless survey. Basically, we checking to make sure the placement of a set of wireless access points at this site corresponds to what the people that contracted us predicted.

It’s bit of tedious work, but I did get paid a decent wage (MUCH higher than an unemployment check). Of course, during this survey, it was the hottest time of the year, PLUS my car’s A/C went belly up. She’ll need a new compressor; however, driver comfort had to take a back seat to driver safety – it was time for new tires as well.

I’m going to take it relatively easy on Thursday. It’s house-cleaning time as the Kennedy Compound hosts an appraiser on Friday.