The many facets of Me

I am once again in job transition (my current position ends on the 30th), and I recently networked with those in the IT industry who stressed the importance of a personal brand. Evaluating myself, I realize that I juggle multiple brands, and all of them could use a little help.

There’s the railfan that can be found on a semi-regular basis taking pictures of anything that is on the tracks, along with various other structure. This is the one who participates in the local model railroad clubs and volunteers to greet the Amtrak train once in a while.

There’s the highway enthusiast, the one who looks for new highways and old bridges, and follows old maps to track the progression of the highway system. I use my GPS as much for updating maps as I do for finding my way.

There’s the IT specialist, who knows his way around a PC. I know my stuff, but sometimes, I find it difficult to explain things to those that aren’t technically inclined.

There’s the guy that once befriended, and took pictures of, several members of my High School and College cheerleading and dance teams. I leaned a little about the competitive aspect of cheerleading. I didn’t know what I was doing when I started posting my pictures on the web; now, it’s practically commonplace. Now, I’ve been re-scanning and re-posting many of these people, bringing back memories to these friends. Many of them are now in various forms of marketing; perhaps they can help me market myself.

Finally, there’s the family business. What I do may sometimes have an impact on that business. However, while I’m working on building my other brands, maybe I can bring something to the business’s brand.