Roadgeek Meet Photos (+ a bonus)

Last Saturday, I had a small group of fellow road enthusiests in Lawrence for a “roadgeek meet.” Basically, we all get together and had lunch, then toured the area roads. For this meet, I chose K-10, US 59, and the new Kansas Turnpike Bridge. I don’t have any pics from the latter. During our outing, I spotted a gaffe on US 59. I did not get a picture during the meet; however, I was able to return to get a picture on Monday.


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Early to bed

OK, let’s see what the heck has been going on in my life:

* Tomorrow, I will be hosting several of my fellow road enthusiasts in a “roadgeek meet.” Basically, we’ll get together, have lunch, discuss roads, then go out into the field to see what’s going on (my focus will likely be the Turnpike, US 59, and K-10)

Since there’s an initiative to have median cables installed on K-10, it is a given that I will be bringing it up.

Central Kansas, 23 May,2001:

Some things have changed: US 50B in Ottawa was actually removed soon after this roadtrip, and now US 59 no longer goes through here. K-57 was truncated to K-4 near Dwight, so the K-57 sign at the K-4/K-177 junction is gone. The I-35/US 50 interchange has been completely altered, so there’s no longer a left exit for US 50 West. I’m sure the Texaco station is either Shell or bp.