Some quick stats about the Lawrence Depot

Depot Redux is an organization devoted to the preservation, and to some extent, furthering the usefulness of, the current Lawrence BNSF/Amtrak station. The depot is located across the street from my family’s business and is, to some extent, the reason I became a railfan.

Anyway, they have found members of the community to open and close the building for the two Amtrak trains that come through here, and they also log the time the train arrives, how many passengers boarded and de-trained at the station.

For the month of February, the westbound Southwest Chief had an average arrival time of 11:59 PM, or 33 minutes ahead of the scheduled departure time of 12:32 AM, with 0 late arrivals recorded. The eastbound counterpart arrived on average at 6:10 AM, 21 minutes late. Out of 26 days recorded in the logs, the eastbound Chief was on time on 12 of those days.

For both trains, Lawrence receives an average of two passengers boarding and two passengers de-training at Lawrence.