Big game reruns

Currently, GSN is currently re-running episodeds featuring notable contestants….

First off, at 8 Central, they are airing episodes of Tic Tac Dough featuring Thom McKee. He appeared in 46 shows and won over $300,000. Bascially, he was the Ken Jennings of the early ’80s.

Speaking of Ken Jennings, his episodes of Jeopardy! are airing at 11 Central.

Pioneer Radio History has a new home…

A while back, Mark Roberts discontinued his Pioneer Radio history site in an effort to conserve web space. Seeing as how his pages were the influence for me to research and write my own history for KLWN/KLZR, I offered to take over hosting and maintenance for his work, which he accepted.

The new home for Pioneer Radio History is at I made some minor adjustments to the pages to conform to my style, and updated the histories of KLWN, KLZR, and KMXN with the updated style.

New address… New Polling Place

With the move to a new house, and a new county, there’s a new polling place.

The polling place for Sarcoxie Township is at an old one-room schoolhouse just north of Lawrence. They also use a optical scanning method pretty much the same as the one in Douglas County.

For the Republican Primary, there were only two contested seats, plus one ballot question. Here’s how I voted.

US Congress, KS-2: Lynn Jenkins
The Republican Primary has been somewhat contested between the incumbent state Treasurer and former Congressman Jim Ryun over their respective service records. I choose Jenkins mainly because I wanted to vote out the Democratic incumbent, and I doubt the person the was previously defeated would be able to re-claim his seat.

County Attorney: Caleb Stegall
The Kansas Court district Jefferson County is in is shared with neighboring counties, each county having its own attorney. In the larger counties, such as Shawnee, Douglas, Johnson, and Wyandotte, the court district is contiguous with the county, and therefore, they are considered District Attorneys.

Stegall’s campaign against his opponent, the incumbent county attorney, mainly challenged his effectiveness. I did not see any campaign material from his opponent.

Sales Tax Issue: Yes
Jefferson County also had a sales tax issue on the docket. It was a 1% tax with a 6 year Sunset clause for road improvement. There was no campaign material for or against, and the tax is very likely a renewal of an existing tax issue.

All other positions on the ballot were unopposed, except for township treasurer, which did not have a Republican candidate.