Start the day right….

One of the nice things about an afternoon shif is the fact that my mornings are free for me to get started. I can be a slow start, but I prefer taking my mornings at a “relaxing” pace.

It also means I can do a little more trainwatching. Since I commute anyway, I can come down to Edgerton at 11:30, watch trains for an hour or so, then take I-35 up to work before I start at 2.

Like the Rain…

For my first day working the 2-10 shift, the most interesting part was the ride home… I drew “rain” for my first ‘regular’ night trip down K-10. It was quite a light show on the way home, then heavy rain down the “homestretch”
I was reminded of a time when a Free State game at ODAC was called and everyone had to ride it down K-10 under similar conditions… I’m thinking it was 23-24 September 2000. The game was moved to the following Saturday afternoon.

Birthday presents to myself

My birthday was back on June 24.  I went down to the Louisana Terrace crossing west of Ottawa to catch some trains.  Unfortunately, I manage to let my camera fall to the ground.  The lens was toast.

My first present to myself was in the form of a new and better lens:  an Sigma DC 18-135mm lens — which covers most of the photo angles I usually would shoot.  Needless to say, I put it to use quickly.

My second gift to myself had to wait until yesterday, when it came out.  I picked up the Doctor Who 1st Season DVD set.