An evening with Cyrus

Today was the first time I had gone “solo” with my cousin Cyrus

First, we went to my cousin (his aunt) Emily so that he can play with her dog and I could work on her computer.  After that, we went to my place where he could view the trains.  We than went over to Kennedy Glass where I gave my dad a check, and Cyrus could meet my Uncle Marty’s dog, Mayor.  Next stop was George’s Hobby House, where we browsed around and I talked to Roger, the owner-manager. 

After dinner at McDonalds, we went to my model railroad club meeting, where there was an Operation Lifesaver presentation.  Cyrus got on a bit of a sugar rush, knocking two railroad cars off the tracks (minor damage) and doing forward rolls all over the place, to which Steve, our host and club president, brought out a building set for him to play with.

All in all, not bad for my first time.  Note to self: do not feed Coca-Cola to this boy.

Birthday note….

This past Thursday was my friend Allison Carson‘s birthday.  I left a message on her cell phone’s voicemail last Saturday where I started out with the first verse to Dan Seals’ “One Friend,” and followed it up with a quick email Thursday morning.

By the time I got off of work Thursday afternoon, Allison wrote me back saying that she loved the voicemail messge.

Never underestimate the power of music… 🙂

New engine

A while back, Athearn announced a new series of their GP60M locomotive models.  One of the locomotives was of the prototype Santa Fe engine #156.  156 was one of the engines that was used for the 1995 Topeka Railroad Days special that I had “photoshoped” with a picture of my friend Allison.  Because of the connection to this particular prototype, I asked the local hobby shop to order one for me.  I purchesed it this afternoon, and got a decent deal on it.