Dang, It’s Cold

While refilling my supposedly empty washer fluid basin, I found that it wasn’t quite as empty. I had the bug-cleaning formula of Prestone, and the recent cold snap caused the mixture to freeze solid!!!

Meanwhile, I’m stupid enough to go train watching after over half a foot of snow fell on Wendsday. I did wait until the counties got the roads bladed….

Huskers in Kansas

While out and about last night, I saw two seperate vehicles (a Lexus SUV and a minivan) both carrying Kansas vanity tags reading “HUSKERS”

In addition to the fact that we clearly have Nebraska fans in northeast Kansas along side the K-Staters, It also demonstrated the fact that vanity plates are issued by county, and that there can be 2 Kansas tags that read alike.

The SUV had a “DG” sticker for Douglas County, while the minivan hails from Franklin (FR) county.

Also, while at Lawrence High for a debate tournament, I notice Nebraska’s college recruitment poster. It features a photoshopped version of the standard tag featuring the “HUSKERS” on it. I wonder why they didn’t try to use one of the “real” vanity plates :).

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

At the end of the KU-Nevada game, KU made a last-second attempt to tie the score with Nevada. There was some physicality in the lane as time expired, but no foul call. Coach Self was very animated toward one of the officials. The Crowd also had their say with an very audible call of “bull$hit.”

I, for one, think a warning, if not a fine, from the NCAA or the Big XII office should be in order. Profanity, in this day and age, should not be tolerated under any circumstances.