The future of elections….

Over at the fairgrounds this afternoon, the county brought in vendors to demonstrate their voting systems. One Vendor used a exclusive touch screen system, the others featured touch screen and optical ballot options. One even had the ability to transfer from a touch screen to a optical ballot.

Being in the IT realm, I know that the computers that will use this system could potentially, however unlikely, be vunerable to hackers, viruses, and spyware. There is always the possibility (and some have already thrown this accusation) that either a vendor or a third-party could rig the voting.

The paper trail provided by vendors that also have optical systems appear to be secure. I doubt, once the ballot has been printed, it could be altered by the machine after it is prepared for the next voter. Keeping an optical system, however, does alllow for the posability of handling larger numbers of users than the touch-screen, since there is only one machine and multiple people can be on it at the same time.

10 years

With the repost of the “Allison and the train” photo and subsequent posting to the front page, I’m officially marking off the 10th Anniversary of my web presence.

Allison Carson (or Allison Foster, as she was know before getting married) has always been in my corner, as well as a great friend. Her entire family has been behind me, as I have taken pictures of her with her two sisters Ashley and Nicole on several ocassions. In addition, I also have take some shots of her daughter Rylie, and have also put up pics that Allison has emailed to me.


More from the “Sports related people getting into trouble” department…

Kurt Busch, driver of the #97 car for Roush Racing, was taken in for reckless driving this weekend in Phoenix, sit of today’s race. In response, car owner Jack Roush “suspended” him for the two remaing races he would have been in for Roush. He has signed to take the seat of the retiring Rusty Wallace, and was released to take the seat next year.

Remember, please be cordial to the police (it sounded like Kurt was acting pompous toward them and tried to play the celebrity card). Also, when you’re already slated to leave a job to take another one, you could be relieved early.

Followup on cheerleading story

According to The Smoking Gun and WKMG-TV, the two Cheerleaders involve in a Bar Fight early Sunday were cut from the squad for “Actions Detramental”. The teammate that was “impersonated” has been suspended pending an investigation into how her DL got into the possession of the other girls.

WKMG is also reporting that Penthouse is courting an offer for the now ex-Cheerleaders to pose for their magazine. I, for one, will not buy it.

Perhaps they should heed some advice from a Redneck Woman and “don’t start no stuff when you’re all jacked up.”

Actions Detrimental…

According to this article at, two cheerleaders for the Carolina Panthers were arrested early Sunday morning in Tampa after getting in a barroom brawl. Patrons were complaining about the two taking too long in the little girl’s room, and accused them of engaging in extracurricular activity. One of the girls threw a punch at a patron, and was arrested for battery (and may face more serious charges, as she gave the PD the identity of another teammate). The other was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

I know a couple of women who have been Cheerleaders for the Chiefs (and even a couple that were Laker Girls). I know that they can ocasionally look for a party crowd, but they would also have some sense of dignity and not get into this much trouble, and certainally wouldn’t impersonate a teammate.

Oh, Boy

Kansas wins against Nebraska in football, 40-15. And there was much rejoicing.

Seriously, Nebraska never led, and considering the fact that KU had not beaten Nebraska since my dad was in High School… It is definitally a big thing.

The revolution was not televised, I listened to in on radio with Bob and Max, with a head cold.


A News Item that has appeared involves several young ladies taking offense to a series of T-shirts by Abercrombie & Fitch that, on face, portray the wearer in a potentially degrading manner. They are now calling for a “girlcott” of A&F.

Me, I have never shopped for clothes in an A&F store… My casual wear consists of Jeans (mostly from Kohl’s), and either a KU-themed T-shirt or a railroad shirt from Rebel Rails