Beware of yahoos with loud toys

This afternoon, the day’s BNSF L KAN 0031 (“Local 31”) had arrived at the Lawrence BNSF Depot. During the train’s stay (setting and releasing cars), I heard what appeared to be a train horn. It sounded too close to be coming from the Union Pacific line across the river, and was definiteally not coming from the local. I heard it again, and this time it was coming from the street. I turned to see a white pickup screaming by.

Something tells me that that air horns violates a few rules, to say the least the anti-noise ordainance. It’s bad enough that the city commission is considering a quiet zone for the Union Pacific line.

That wasn’t too bad

There have been nightmare stories about Dell’s support when things go wrong. This is not one of them.

On Saturday, the LCD screen on my laptop gave out when the flourecent backlight refused to work. It only two conversations in Dell’s new instant message tool to confirm that the backlight was the problem… and only because I had used the laptop, instead of what is now my brother’s desktop, to connect with Dell, and that Dell had me perform operations that required me to restart the laptop. A ticket for the LCD screen was issued.

A tech called this morning, and my mom said I would be here at 1:00. I didn’t get out there until sometime after 1:30. The tech left a “sorry I missed you” note with a number to call. Fortunateally, he had another job in Lawrence, and I was patient enough to wait for him. Once he got here, it didn’t take him long to get the screen switched out.

The LCD backlight in this laptop is embedded in the casing, and is not field-replacable. I’m glad that this thing is covered (hopefully) under warranty and accident protection.

Nasty flooding to the north

Flooding was a major problem yesterday into today, and a flood warning has been in effect for Jackson, Jefferson, and Northern Shawnee Counties.

My Grandma, who live in Jefferson County on Perry Lake, was OK. Most of the roads leading to her house were dry; however, there was one low spot that may have flooded briefly. It was still somewhat passable, though someone may have to order some more gravel.

River flood warnings were issued for Soldier Creek, Cross Creek, and the Kansas River. Soldier Creek briefly exceeded the levy levels, and the Kaw was high enough to flood out Burcham Park here in Lawrence.