Republican Voicemail

I got a message left on my home Voicemail from a right-wing PAC asking for support on anti-gay marriage and legislation and other resolutions in support of religion.

What was really bad was the fact that apparantly, this PAC cannot afford an auto-dialer that does not realize that and answering machine or voicemail has picked up.

I don’t really answer telemarkaters, of either party.

Train Show Followup

Our attendance at this year’s show was not very big… There may be a multitude of reasons.

One thing I should note… there is a show at Union Station next weekend, at the same time as the opening of a new Railroad museum, the display of MILW 261, and the birthday of young Rylie Carson

Right on Cue

During both both KU football home games so far, when the broadcast makes its way to the booth, the PA has been loud enough that you can hear what song is blaring through it. In both broadcasts, the song they play at the start of the broadcast is “As Good as I once Was” by Toby Keith.

I already have 5 of Toby’s albums (Dream Walkin’, How Do You Like me Now, Pull my Chain, Unleashed, and Shock’n Y’all) Maybe I ought to go for the 6th.

BNSF special

A long string of BNSF buisness cars came by the Lawrence Depot eastbound this morning at 11:00 while I was nearby at Kennedy Glass working on some pictures I had taken earlier this morning.

I got a shot of each car as they rolled through

BNSF 5491
BNSF 4389
BNSF 51 “Snoqualmie Pass”
BNSF 65 “Raton Pass”
BNSF 66 “Cajon Pass”
BNSF 7 “Santa Fe”
BNSF 50 “Stampede Pass”
BNSF 67 “Trinchera Pass”
BNSF 60 “Stevens Pass”
BNSF 3 “Red River”
BNSF 11 “Fred Harvey”
BNSF 10 “Lake Superior”
BNSF 28 “Mountain View”
BNSF 30 “Glacier View”

Mountain View has been decked up in what appears to be BNSF’s new scheme for Buisness Cars. The car name is at the top in sans-serif lettering with the BNSF logo (full-color, orange letters on green “power bar”) near the bottom corners.

Please do not read this on a weak stomach

I took my elder cat, Scotty, to see the vet for long overdue shots. There has also been a somewhat ovious case of increased itching among the family, along with little blackish specks that disolve into a reddish color in water. The diagnosis: fleas. Add some Advantage flea medicine to the list, which has been applied to both cats. And I’ll have to vacuum those specks, which are flea droppings 🙁

New SLT stuff

Two new articles have been published on the front of the local section regarding the South Lawrence Trafficway

Quality of new, restored wetlands center of debate — questioning of if any mitigated wetlands will be good enough

KDOT could file lawsuit over trafficway — KDOT is prepared to call the “wetland supporters” on wheather they have enough evidence to prove that the EIS is fatally flawed.

I’ve been considering writing up an opinion colum for some time. I may consider implementing it soon.

I believe that a south of the river “avoidance” route, which the “wetland supporters” are claiming would be good for the wetlands, would acutally be worse for the wetlands than the preferred 32nd Street route, meaning that it’s not a true avoidance route.

Rehnquist passing

Two things are certain after the recent news of the passing of Chief Justice William Rehnquist

1. The flag shall be flown at half staff for 10 days in accordance with the flag code
2. Anticipate bickering about his replacment, and if the replacment comes from the associate SCOTUS justices, who will fill the second vacant seat.