storm cell

0320: I am wakened by a thunderstorm. I tune in the weather radio and subsequently find out that power went out (the weather radio has a battery backup)

0420: Power comes back on

0500: Another Cell passes through

0750: 2.2 inches of rain has fallen since the last time I had emptied the gauge


Anothe 1.7 inches of rain had fallen since Thurdsay evening, mostly last night.

I went over to GCSAA at about 11 last night and found that power had indeed gone off there. One of the racks in the data center had shut down, three of the servers had to be restarted.

Very wet

1.6 inches of rain fell into my rain gauge on Friday.

However, that was nothing compared to the 3.4 inches that fell on Saturday. Some places in town got as high as 4 inches, and there was a bit of flash flooding. The Journal-World ran a front-page story on the weather.

Where to start…

Last Night, I went bowling with the several of my co-workers, and found out a couple of things about the latest addition to the GCSAA tech group. First of all, he’s a Lawrence native, and he is a fellow ’97 graduate of Lawrence High. He also mentioned that his girlfriend was a Chiefs Cheerleader. I quickly assertained and confirmed that his girlfriend was a young lady I had worked with during my tenure as a spirt squad photographer: Deena Schamberg 🙂

Now all I need is to find Kevin Bacon…

Colbalt Debut

My new laptop came in off the big brown truck this morning. I set it up to work off the wireless network, and am posting from up in the dining room.

Whither Cobalt

The offical word from Dell is that a laptop that I ordered was sent on the brown truck (UPS) by this morning. At some point, I will be transferring data from my desktop “Monte-Carlo” to the new laptop “Cobalt,” then I will re-image (read: format) Monte-Carlo for my brother, and put back any files that belong to him.

There isn’t room available for two desktops, and I would like to be able to write up my website while away from home for the evening, or while watching TV or such. With wireless networking and hotspots, it’s become quite a bit easier to do that and more with a laptop. 🙂

BTW, there is a method to my madness

A Note about website updates

I’ve set up a seperate XML feed to note when I’ve added a new page or otherwise make a change to the site. This blog will syndicate the feed. Each updated page will be an individual post, and clicking on the post’s title will link you to the updated/added page.