Hot hot hot

The Mercury topped 100 today, and if the forcast holds up, will do so again tommorow.

I’ll probably stay at home ad finish up the web site…. maybe work on my train layout

Egged Again

Back in December my car got hit by the Harvard Road Egg Squad. early this morning, they were at it again. This time, however, I think I got most of the egg cleaned off without problem. The last hit caused some damage to the already slghtly weak paint that I have had to touch up a couple times.


The car hit 100,000 miles as I hit 6th and Iowa coming home from Kennedy Glass after replacing the Spark Plugs, wires, and the air filter.

I noticed a falloff in fuel mileage, and wanted to be proactive to prevent any problems. The spark plugs were visibly worn to the point where the excessive gap was visible. The air filter had not been replaced since I bought her.