Two Teardrops

Today, among the people I know, life is being given and taken away.

Art Friedbloom, a member of my model railroad club, passed away in his sleep this morning. Meanwhile, my cousin-in-law was taken to the hospital where the doctors had decided to induce labor (assuming that she hadn’t already gone into labor sooner). We’re expecting a little girl after the two boys, Cyrus and Carl.

Lost: One Flash

Yesterday (which also happend to be my birthday) I found out my flash unit was missing from my camera bag.

The last time I had it out was wendsday night, when I took the pic of my front plate for this blog.

I have a flash unit on the digital camera, but I’ve always felt the external was helpful

My missing camera flash is a Promaster 5750DX Digital Flash. Potential places where it could have been lost are: El Mezcal on 23rd, Hoglund Ballpark, and the Eldridge Hotel.

If you think you know where it is, contact me at

New tags

Back in March, I went to the Treasurer’s office and applied for the new personalized “Vanity” tags. I paid the fee and went on my way.

Today, I went to the courthouse to renew my tags and pick up the new plates. My car now carries my “handle” of ‘ROUTE56’

Here’s a shot of the front plate. In Kansas, vanity plates are presented in pairs, even though only the rear plate is technically required. I’m holding on to it until I can mount it where it belongs 🙂
pic of the front plate

back home

hit the house at ~1:30 this afternoon. Came home to a smelly basement. Had to completly change the kitty litter and sweep the litter box room

returning home

At Colby, Kansas tonight

Parts of old US 24 are still maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation, including a short segment east of Burlington apparatntly to access a CDOT maintaince facility. It’s hard to tell what part of the frontage road is state maintained, as the pavement is consistant, if a little rough, all the way to the border. In addition, westbound traffic on old 24 encounters a “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” sign.

There’s an old rodeside park on old 24 between Burlington and the border. All that’s there is a fire pit, which has a plaque dedicated to the Blue Star Memorial Highway

Waning days

today, we returned to Elk Creek Station after having to check out of our first hotel for our second.

We took the scenic route back to US 285 from Pine, which was a dirt road.

Jayhawks in Central City

Today, after picking up my KU hat that I left in Idaho Springs, we went over to Central City where my parents did a little gambling while my brother and I played video games.

At lunch, we ran into a member of the Central City opera. He was a graduate of KU and observed my recovered hat.

in the mountains

Today was spent enjoying the scenery of the mountains in southwestern Jefferson County, Colo. In particular, we stopped in to the small town of Pine, where a old high school friend of my mom is the proprieter of a bar on Jefferson County road 126 called the Elk Creek Station. We also took in the scenery of the nearby Pine Valley Ranch, which is a county “open space” park.