Graduation Weekend

This past weekend was graduation at KU…. and there was a member of the “family” that was walking down the hill.

Not only was it Ashley Lafond‘s graduation, but this Saturday happened to also be her birthday. I dropped by for a little over an hour on Sunday afternoon and said hi, brought a card, and got some snaps with the new Rebel.

One shot that they tried to get was a shot of me with Ashley. The apparant complexaties of the Camera turned out to be the fact that I had forgotten to hit the “On” switch. When I realized my mistake and tried again, they got the shot twice — the Rebel was in “burst fire” mode — 3 frames in a second 🙂 However, Allison only held it down long enough to get two shots

More Rain

As many can tell by the messages left here by the weather office, we had a thunderstorm pass through. Here at home, we had moderate wind, very little (if any) hail, and a lot of rain. I haven’t had a chance to check the rain gauge.

Ok, I think we’ve survived this one

We had quite a storm head through here, prompting a severe t-storm warning.

Wind wasn’t that bad here, but we did get some rain, and they just issued a Flash Flood Warning.
About half an inch fell during the first storm, another 2/10s has fallen in subsequent storms

blog update

I’ve did a little messing around with using syndicated RSS feeds from the National Weather Service, and a Yahoo! email list related to Dance Teams.

picture count

As of the end of Sunday evening, the picture count stands at 22,365. 357 shots have been “counted” since I went to the new Digital Rebel — $50 worth of film and processing with 10 36-exposure rolls at $3 and $2 processing per roll — not to mention time I would have to spend scanning, as I was digitizing everything anyway :).

If I keep this up, I ‘ll have taken enough pictures to pay for the 1 GB card by mid-June, and will slowly be working on the cost of the camera. I just sent the first payment.