Emporia Sub Exploits

I decided to give my new digital Rebel a workout with a trainwatching trip. I headed out to the Eisenhower Terrace bridge on the west side of Ottawa, on the BNSF Emporia Sub

1257: BNSF 912, 7817, and CN 2660 lead a eastbound Manifest

1307: NS 9458 leads a set of eastbound roadrailers

1317: BNSF 4770, 7044, and NS 8585 leads a eastbound Manifest

1327: BNSF 4302, 343, 4517, and 7695 lead eastbound trailers
BNSF 7695 is a new ES44DC with the third variant of the BNSF H2 scheme, with the new logo in yellow lettering.

1340 BNSF 4953, BNSF 4361, NS x-Conrail 8420, and BNSF 8083 lead a eastbound “brown” train

1351 BNSF 5349, 4659, and 556 lead eastbound stacks

1408 BNSF 6804 and 7023 lead a very short eastbound, it may have been a “local”

1416 BNSF 4253, 4259, 4256, and 4271 lead a westbound. Considering the fact that there was 4 B23-7s, it may be a local as well.

1420 BNSF 4101 and 4995 lead a eastbound Grain
4101’s train became visible before 4253 west cleared the bridge. I also heard on the scanner that 4101 needed its porta-potty cleaned

Digital Dive taken

As I mentioned yesterday, my primary camera got damaged. The cost to repair would be around $120 — almost as much as I paid for her. Therefore, I decided to “total” the camera.

I was approved for $2,000 in store credit at Wolfe’s, and purchased a new Canon Digital Rebel XT which, together with a extra battery and a CF card, came to $1300.

I’ll be singing Clint Black’s “One More Payment” for a while…..

[wouldn’t you know it, this is also my 56th post to this blog 🙂 ]

damaged camera

On Saturday, when I tried to load film in my main Rebel camera, I accidentally stuck my thumb through the shutter. If the shutter is as damaged as I think it is (I’m planning on going to Wolfe’s in Topeka tommorow to confirm the damage), I’ll probably be appling for store credit and will be reeady to go for the “digital dive.”

After the most recent film load, my photo count is up to 22,008.