Railroad exploits

It’s been a while since I went out train watching, so I decided to head out to the BNSF main line south of Baldwin near the town of LeLoup (Ohio Terrace)

I arrived at Ohio Terrace around 930. Unfortunately, there was no activity (an eastbound had just passed when I got there) I found out why around 1040: A hi-rail SUV with BN markings pased the crossing. I was listening in as there was conversation with the dispacther, requesting more track and time. Agigular (sp?) requested track and time between Wellsville and Gardner. As I was heading east, I heard the dispacther request a modification to the track and time to allow a couple of trains to come through.

Upon hearing the fact that a couple of trains were being lined through, I made it over to the city lake at Edgerton. I also found out why these trains were lined through: they were two sections of an intermodal train containing trailers for UPS. Knowing that UPS is a demanding customer, the “brown trains” are perhaps one of the hottest comodities on the railroad. The first section carried units from CN and CSX, the second contained a “unpatched” Santa Fe unit.

I stayed at the park a while longer. Since there were still Work Limits where the derailment ocured, I heared a westbound request permission to enter the work zone. It was a grain train. It also had a CN unit in its consist.

I also observed some apparent students hanging out at a nearby picnic shelter. I observed some of them head to the shelter by crossing the tracks where there is no crossing. Perhaps a visit from a BNSF Operation Lifesaver rep should be in order.

While compiing these notes, three more trains came through — an westbound “brown” intermodal, and a eastbound train of empty hoppers led by an SD40-2. Probably a work train, since there was a CAT in one of the gondolas. The third train was an eastbound intermodal, led by two “green” SD40-2s

New radio in the PA

Last friday, I purchaed a new Car Stereo for the Park Avenue

Today, I had it installed.

I had a little bit of time to listen to the new stereo (both the radio and CD). It sounds good.

Now, I just neet to find a place for the old unit…

Gay Marriage “evil”?`


A article from Reuters quotes the Pope as stating that gay marriages are part of “a new ideology of evil.”

How does one respond to these remarks? Obviously, the Catholic church, via the Holy See, considers gay marriages to be akin to the acceptance of Homosexuality. Homosexuality, and more generally any form of Sexual intamacy where procreation is not the intended outcome, is considered to be sinful lust. Needless to say, not everyone agrees.

Radio and Model Rails

I’m currently working on updating the History of KLWN and KLZR to reflect recent changes, as well as the addition of KKYD into the mix.

As for the new locomotives, I found some track defects, but also the presence of a bad wheelset in one of the engines. Once both problems were addressed, the engines ran fine on both loops of my layout.

new additions to the model train layout

Sunday, there was a small train show in Kansas City, and I found a good deal on a pair of Athearn C44-9Ws, one in Santa Fe Warbonnet red and silver, the other Norfolk Southern “dark horse” black.

For some reason, these six-axle locomotives tend to pop an axle going into a curve. The problem appears to be a wheel malfority in the Athearns…. will likely have to adjust them.